Film of the Week 14 August 2020

This week I am turning again to Aardman Animation for their 2005 full length film: Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit that is a wonderful comedy spoof on monster films and Hammer Horror films. It won some 27 awards world -wide including the Oscar for Best Animated Feature and the BAFTA as Best British Film.

Directed by Nick Park and Steve Box, it is a miracle of comic invention, a witty script and the wonder of stop motion, clay-animation that is so good you soon believe that these characters are real. The story is that Wallace and Gromit run a pet-control business called ‘Anti-Pesto’ and are engaged by Lady Tottington to protect local gardens from an infestation of rabbits before the annual giant vegetable competition. As the date for the event draws near a giant rabbit appears that gobbles up the prize exhibits to the consternation of the villagers.

The voice cast is led by the late Peter Sallis as the voice of Wallace, Helena Bonham Carter as slightly dotty Lady Tottington, Ralph Fiennes as the dastardly Lord Victor Quartermaine and Peter Kay as Constable Albert MacIntosh. Gromit as ever is mute.

The film is a riot of fun culminating in a spectacular climax involving a fairground aeroplane. For a film to cheer you up this is unbeatable, and it is a credit to British animated film making.

It is on BBC I-Player.