Our guest reviewer for the uplifting drama “Breathe” is Oishin O’Hara from Can Do Dumfries.

The movie “Breathe” is a true story about a father who contracts polio in Kenya in the 1950’s. He becomes paralysed from the neck down and needs a specialised machine to help him breathe. His wife was close to having a baby at the time and fights to get him out of the hospital and into their family home. The movie depicts the story of his life with his family and friends.

We went to watch the movie and write this review as part of the Dumfries Can Do Project which works to support young disabled people through volunteering projects. www.leonardcheshire.org/can-do

We liked the fact that the movie was produced by the man’s son and felt that it added to the emotional impact of the movie. We felt the movie was good, very hard hitting and emotional in an inspirational way. It was sad towards the end but happy at the beginning.

Even though the movie is set from 1950’s until the 80’s, it still felt very relevant to today. Since the invention of the polio vaccine, polio is no longer an issue in the western world; however some of the issues connected to severe disabilities are still relevant. For example disabled people still feel there are some barriers which prevent them from fully integrating into the community and wider society, such as lack of disabled access to buildings.

Another theme of this movie is the love relationship of the couple and the support of his family and friends who worked together to think outside the box and find ways to help him reach his potential.

We would recommend this movie to anyone who likes inspiring love stories.

“Breathe” Trailer

Oishin and two of his colleagues from Can Do Dumfries.