My choice this week is the BAFTA winning-Promising Young Woman- directed by Emerald Fennell in a remarkable, assured directorial debut. She also wrote the script of this blistering rape revenge story.

Cary Mulligan gives a terrific performance as thirty- year- old Cassie who dropped out of medical school seven years previously and has put her life on hold with no friends or boy friends to live with her parents and work in a coffee shop. By day she is conventional but by night she preys on respectable young men by pretending to be drunk and vulnerable until they induce her to their homes to take advantage of her. That’s when she turns the tables and takes revenge.

But the reasons for her actions are linked to a past event involving her best friend Nina and she has become an obsessed avenging angel.

Emerald Fennell, who was the writer and show runner for TV’s ‘Killing Eve’ as well as being an actress playing Camilla Parker Bowles in ‘The Crown’, dresses her film in bright pastel romcom colours to offset the darkness beneath the façade of respectability and adds an eclectic soundtrack of pop tunes contrasting with the brooding music score by Anthony Willis. Her approach is confident and daring.

With a brave and stunning performance by Cary Mulligan and five Oscar Nominations, this is a film that makes you laugh, cry and chill. It is on Sky Movies and Now TV.

Bill Cunningham