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Review by Jack Taylor With a film that spent nearly a decade in production limbo, director Jonathan Glazer – whose previous achievements include...

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Under the Skin

Review by Jack Taylor Following his self-proclaimed exile/hiatus/retirement from the movie industry, acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh’s enigmati...

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Remake Without a Cause

Review by Jack Taylor End of life care was a topic recently touched on by BBC documentary film maker Louis Theroux in his poignant collection of LA st...

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Dallas Buyers Club

Review by Jack Taylor Following a recent trajectory in what seems like an emerging trend in movies documenting pre-civil war slavery, it’s hard not ...

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12 Years a Slave

Review by Jack Taylor In what has been viewed as part of a loose trilogy where Martin Scorsese has explored the criminal underbelly of the American Dr...

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The Wolf of Wall Street

Joel and Ethan Coen’s back catalogue of prolific and verisimilitude style film-making has so far left a somewhat intimidating body of work that has ...

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Inside Llewyn Davis

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