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Film of the week 28 August 2020 This week I am in Space with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney for, Gravity, the 2013 sci-fi thriller from Alphonso Cu...

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Gravity by Bill Cunningham

Film of the Week 31 July 2020 For my choice this week I am looking back to 1980 and Stanley Kubrick’s masterly psychological thriller, The Shining. ...

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The Shining by Bill Cunningham

Film of the Week 24 July 2020 The effect of Covid -19 on the cinema industry has been little short of catastrophic with cinemas closed and film produc...

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Greyhound by Bill Cunningham

Film of the Week 5 July 2020 My choice this week is Emma., one of the films that got away when RBC closed in March. Previously filmed many times for t...

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Emma by Bill Cunningham

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