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Welcome to the reviews page on our website with film reviews written by Oishin O'Hara from Can Do Dumfries. The Can Do Project works to support young disabled people through volunteering projects. We'd like to hear from you too - please share the reviews and / or leave any comments or feedback with our facebook or twitter pages. If you would like to submit a review please email us at rbcft@dumgal.gov.uk.

Film of the Week 5 June 2020. My film of the week choice is, Parasite, the multi award winner and Oscar champion from South Korea that swept away all ...

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Parasite by Bill Cunningham

Film of the week 22 May 2020. My choice this week is, 1917, Sam Mendes’ epic journey of trench war on the Western Front in Northern France during WW...

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1917 by Bill Cunningham

Review by Jack Taylor Director Richard Linklater has oft had a penchant for the slick rite-de-passagist themes which have dominated his cinematic lens...

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