Film of the Week 6 November 2020.

In remembrance of Sean Connery I was at first drawn to his Bond films since he created the role and remains the definitive Bond, but I decided to move on from Bond just as Connery had and re-watched, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, from 1989 in which he plays Dr Henry Jones Sr,father of Harrison Ford’s Jones Junior.

Initially Connery declined the role when offered it by Steven Spielberg who was a fan of Connery, on the grounds that he was only twelve years older than Ford. But he gave in and made the role one of his finest and funniest performances developing the character and script,adding much of the fun which he obviously enjoyed playing. He improvised the laugh line ‘She talks in her sleep’, revealing that he had slept with Indiana’s girlfriend first.

For Spielberg this was the third in the trilogy developed with George Lucas and he wanted to give it a lighter and more action- packed fun than ‘The Temple of Doom’. Set in 1938 it tells of Indiana’s search for his kidnapped father by the Nazi’s to find out his research into the location of the Holy Grail. With locations in Venice, Spain and Jordan this is a fun package that has never been bettered in the further films made to extend the franchise.

For Sean Connery this shows him to be a master of comic timing with a twinkle in his eyes and an energy to match any of his Bond years. He walks off with the film and into cinema eternity. You can watch it on Sky Cinema, Amazon Prime and on all DVD formats.

Bill Cunningham