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July Quick View - click on film for full film details:

July Films
Fri 12 Late Night (15) 7.30
Sat 13 EVENT CINEMA: Pavarotti (12A) plus Satellite Q&A *SOLD OUT* 7.00
Tue 16 Late Night (15) 5.45
Wed 17 Late Night (15) 7.30
Thu 18 Late Night (15) 10.45am
Fri 19 Apollo 11 (U) *Limited Availability* 7.30
Sat 20 Apollo 11 (U) 7.30
Sun 21 Mantra - Sounds Into Silence (U) *Limited Availability* 7.30
Mon 22 Robert the Bruce (15) + Angus Macfadyen Q&A Extra Film + Q&A *Limited Availability* 4.15 
  Robert the Bruce (15) + Angus Macfadyen Q&A *SOLD OUT 7.00
Tue 23 A Season In France (12A) 7.30
Wed 24 A Season In France (12A) 7.30
Thu 25 We The Animals (15) 7.30
Fri 26 Toy Story 4 (U) *Limited Availability* 2.00
Fri 26 Balloon (12A) 7.30
Sat 27 Toy Story 4 (U) *Limited Availability* 2.00
Sat 27 EVENT CINEMA:André Rieu's Shall We Dance? (U) 7.00
Sun 28 EVENT CINEMA:André Rieu's Shall We Dance? (U) 2.30
Tue 30 Toy Story 4 (U) 11.00am
Tue 30 Balloon (12A) 7.30
Wed 31 Toy Story 4 (U) 10.30am
Wed 31 Toy Story 4 (U) 5.30

Late Night
Nisha Gantra | USA | 2019 | 102m | 15

Comedy drama about legendary late-night talk show host Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson) who, after years of complacency and declining ratings, finds her show is on the network’s chopping block. Katherine’s world is turned upside down when she hires her first female staff writer, Molly Patel (Mindy Kaling) who brings fresh eyes and an honest perspective. Katherine’s decision has unexpectedly hilarious consequences, as her show is upended by Molly’s passionate, unapologetic, at times outright bizarre approach to comedy and to life.

Coffee ClubCoffee Club - 10.45am on Thu 18 July

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Sat 13 July

Pavarotti plus Satellite Q&A
Ron Howard | UK / USA |2019 | 114mins plus approx 30ms Q&A | 12A

Apollo 11

From the team behind the worldwide success The Beatles: Eight Days a Week comes two-time Academy Award® winning director Ron Howard's documentary celebrating the life of the beloved opera star Luciano Pavarotti, who sold over 100 million records in his lifetime.

Created from a combination of Luciano Pavarotti's genre-redefining performances and granted access to never-before-seen footage, the film will give audiences around the world a stunningly intimate portrait of the most beloved opera singer of all time.

This live event will a Q&A featuring Katherine Jenkins and Bryn Terfel which will not be included in the main theatrical release. 

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Fri 19 – Sat 20 July

Apollo 11
Todd Douglas Miller | USA | 2018 | 93m | U

Apollo 11Hot off the heels of the sensational U.S. release, comes a cinematic event fifty years in the making. Crafted from a newly discovered trove of 70mm footage, and more than 11,000 hours of uncatalogued audio recordings, Apollo 11 takes us straight to the heart of NASA’s most celebrated mission—the one that first put men on the moon.

"Apollo 11' isn't like other documentaries about the first moon mission. In fact it isn't like most other movies, period. It's magnificent and unique, an adrenaline shot of wonder and skill"

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Sun 21 July

Mantra - Sounds Into Silence
Georgia Wyss, Wari OM | Spain / France / Greece / India / Russia / UK / USA | 2018 | 85m | U

Documentary which explores the music and phenomenon of chanting (Kirtan) and focuses on the everyday people who are finding healing and a sense of inner peace by singing mantras together. The film will feature an introduction from local yoga teacher, Jill Dobbie.

Come and join us for a yoga session and picnic in the park from 6pm (weather permitting) and Kirtan following the film.

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Mon 22 July

Robert The Bruce plus Angus Macfadyen Q&A
Richard Gray | USA | 2019 | 123m | 15

Join us for a very special screening of Robert The Bruce at the Robert Burns Centre on Monday 22nd July. We host actor Angus Macfadyen, who plays Bruce, who will be on hand to answer questions following the film. He’ll be joined by fellow actor Seoras Wallace, who also stars in the film. 

Reprising his role from Braveheart, Angus Macfadyen stars as the legendary warrior King of Scotland. Beaten and pursued across the Highlands by supporters of the British Crown, Robert takes shelter with a humble family where he finds the resolve to rally his people and lead his country to hard-fought independence.


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Tue 23 - Wed 24 July

A Season In France / Une saison en France
Mahamet-Saleh Haroun | France | 2017 | 100m | 12A | French with subtitles

A Season In FranceAn African high school teacher flees his war-torn country for France, where he falls in love with a Frenchwoman who offers a roof for him and his family.

Contains infrequent strong language, moderate sex references, brief violence.

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Thu 25 July

We The Animals
Jeremiah Zagar | USA | 2019 | 94m | 15

We The AnimalsAdaptation of Justin Torres’ autobiographical novel about a mixed-race family with three inseparable young sons in upstate New York.

Lyrical, impressionistic, arrestingly beautiful and strongly performed (with the boys all played by non-professional actors), the film - part coming of age story, part sexual exploration, part magical realism - explores the animalism of young children alongside that of violent, warring adults.

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Fri 26 July - Thu 8 August

Toy Story 4
Josh Colley | USA | 2019 | 100m | U

Toy Story 4When a new toy called Forky joins Woody and the gang, a road trip alongside old and new friends reveals how big the world can be for a toy.

Relaxed Screening, 2pm Sat 27 July
This is a relaxed screening and is autism friendly. The auditorium lights won't be fully dimmed and the sound will be at a slightly lower volume than normal.

Bring a babyBaby Friendly, 10.30am Wed 31 July
For parents & guardians with baby under 18 months

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Fri 26 + Tue 30 July

Balloon / Ballon
Michael Herpig | Germany | 2018 | 125m | 12A | German with subtitles

BalloonBased on remarkable true events. In 1979, two East German families would go to incredible lengths to try and escape the DDR. Hatching a daredevil plan to cross the border using a homemade hot air balloon, they spend weeks stitching and sewing. When their valiant first attempt falls agonisingly short, they are faced with a desperate scramble to build a second balloon and float to West Germany before the pursuing Stasi officers track them down.

This exciting thriller has been a huge success in Germany and has also re-ignited old discussions about reunification and identity in the country.

Contains moderate threat.

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Sat 27 & Sun 28 July

EVENT CINEMA:André Rieu's Shall We Dance? 
145mins | Cert U

André Rieu’s annual hometown Maastricht concerts attract fans from all corners of the globe. The medieval town square is transformed into a spectacular backdrop for unforgettable concerts filled with humour, fun and emotion for all ages – and, of course, magnificent music. This year André Rieu invites you to put on your dancing shoes for his spectacular 2019 hometown concert from Maastricht: ‘Shall we Dance?’

You can waltz the night away with André Rieu - the majestic waltz has been such an inspiration to André throughout his career that its three-four beat has become, in many ways, the rhythm of his life. And this year the maestro will bring the waltz to life in an unforgettable evening of music and dance.

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